We proudly stand as a 100% female-owned and operated company. Every element of our business, from the photographs in our web store to our marketing campaigns, is a product of women's creativity and dedication.

Our team is committed to demonstrating the importance of supporting and elevating women's potential, and this serves as a core value of our company.

Supporting Active Lifestyle

Our commitment to supporting you doesn't stop at selling clothing. That's why we've created a blog that's filled with workout advice, nutritious recipes to fuel your active lifestyle, and exercise videos on our social media platforms.

We're here to provide you with everything you need to thrive on your fitness journey, both in and out of our activewear.

The Founder's Vision

Our founder's personal journey resonates at the heart of Adel Active.

Understanding the crucial role that feeling comfortable and confident in the gym plays, she recalls how the right activewear was instrumental in her own path to fitness and self-assurance.
She found it difficult to find activewear that truly fit and supported her body, leading her to adapt and modify existing clothes. This experience now fuels her passion to assist other women. By creating activewear that enhances comfort and confidence, she hopes to empower others in their fitness journey.

Join us at Adel Active – where fitness meets confidence and every woman's strength is celebrated.

With love,

Fanny Sannholm
Founder of Adel Active